Does technology today seem like a foreign language?

Kids these days innately understand technology. Toddlers play games on iPads and tablets. Students use flash drives and blogs instead of spiral notebooks. Today’s technology is similar to learning a second language, and the younger you are exposed to it, the easier it is to learn. Today’s kids have a huge advantage.

Where does that leave you?

I started this company to help people who didn't grow up with a laptop, iPhone and tablet in hand 24/7. You may have basic understanding of how to check email, turn on cable, and surf the web and other simple technologies. I can teach you how to add peripherals, download updates and firmware, store and backup data and photos, organize music and ebooks, realize the full potential of your smart phone, and many other tools and insights. I can also wire your home and create a fully integrated home theater system.

I will come out to your home, discuss your particular technology needs, and come up with a personalized technology plan.


More to Come!

This site is still in its infancy. Check back soon to see the exciting changes.

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